September 2015 in Missoula, Montana: A Celebration of the Written Word

Stephen Haddad

Stephen Haddad, a Reference Librarian at Missoula Public Library, moved to Montana because he wanted to live in the mountains.  After arriving in Missoula, sight unseen, he was exhilarated to find there were mountains to look at in every direction.

Stephen admits to being a geek in that he thoroughly investigates whatever he is interested in, which at the moment includes hiking, board games (favorite Pandemic), reading, web development, and swapping out components of his computer.

He is also passionate about exploring Missoula cuisine and its distinctions from that of his native Louisiana.  It’s common for him to bring the results of his discoveries to work, and thrills library staff with fruit leathers, pralines, and variations on grits. He also makes a mean King Cake.

Stephen has contributed to the Montana Book Festival by maintaining the festival website, and organizing the Book’n It for the Library race.

My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, September 12

8:30am MDT